Introduction: Furniture has always been the center of David J. Lunin's work life. For 23 years he has designed, created, restored, conserved and/or repaired both fine furniture and antiques. He founded his own business, David J Lunin Furniture Maker, 11 years ago, where his creativity took flower in an innovative collection of his own designs, known as the Surreal Collection.

THEN: Lunin apprenticed at well-regarded firms such as Irion Company Furniture Makers, Christiana, PA and Kinloch Woodworking Ltd., Unionville, PA. There he perfected his hand cut joinery and furniture finishing skills--color matching, aging secondary surfaces and distressing—for both reproductions and antiques. His remarkable expertise in restoring antiques, which included determining the most appropriate and effective strategies and a noteworthy understanding of construction and design, became apparent during his seven year stint at Alan Anderson Ltd, Cochranville, PA. At this company he specialized in the conservation and restoration of 18th century museum quality tables, chairs and chests.

NOW: Colonial craftsman techniques and joinery meet the imagination and skill of a master in Lunin’s Surreal Collection. His artistic signature tables, chests, chairs and benches are rooted in his comprehensive knowledge of the American colonial antiques he has built, repaired and studied for almost a quarter century. “There’s no precise launch date for the pieces in this collection because each one happens gradually, starting with the forms I’m most familiar with,” said Lunin. “I wanted to do something that was my own and different. The top of the first piece I made in the Surreal Collection, the ‘WINDsor Table,’ is entirely of Sycamore yet looks like a tablecloth caught in a breeze."

The Surreal Collection features unexpected, tasteful twists and perfect plays on perspective. These pieces work because of Lunin’s impeccable foundation in building historic furniture. The furniture in this series is made with the identical care and skill as the 18th century custom reproduction pieces Lunin continues to build in his Timeless Collection. He also restores antiques on occasion.

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All the furniture seen on this site was handcrafted by:
David J.Lunin